sales & biz

Revenue Generation

Looking to open a new sales channel or partner with a leading player in your market?  Call us.  We've got the network to open doors to the right executives at the right companies.  We are fluent in legalese - or rather, experts in negotiating large complex technical contracts that can help you get the terms you need.


international market entry

US < > Europe Made Easy

If you're a US company looking to expand in Europe or a European company looking to be born in the USA - we've got the contacts and the know-how to make it happen.  We can help you setup your business, including regulatory and requirements, staffing, scouting locations and business case and feasibility work.  Not only that, we'll probably get you some quick wins abroad to have you feeling like home away from home in no time. 



innovation & acceleration

Trend Spotting on Steroids

We've been around the Internet block. We launched websites before Netscape was a thing and remember the first dot-com boom/bust because we were knee-deep in it.  All this gives us perspective that you benefit from.  If you're an incumbent player being disrupted on your own turf, we'll recommend the visionary course of action to get you back in the game and keep you ahead.  If you're a startup, you'll want us in your toolset.  Think of us as your own personal SaaS (Swiss-Army-Knife as a Service).